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Proven and Professional

Physical Therapist
Man Playing Golf
Women Practicing Yoga


Restore function and reduce pain

At Restore, we listen to your problems, and will work with you to get you back on your feet after an injury, surgery, or decrease in function. We provide individualized attention and treatment plans, because no two injuries are the same.


Reach your goals

Do you want to improve your ability to hike, bike, run, or participate in your sport, but are unsure how? Are you starting a new sport, but finding aches and pains are creeping in? We can work together to improve your performance and establish baseline fitness to help you reach your full potential.


Health optimization

We believe wellness is the meeting of mind, body, and spirit. Through yoga, movement, meditation, health coaching, you can find ways to feel your best. We can utilize one-on-one sessions or group classes to coach you towards total health and well-being.

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